Wisdom Ridge Academy is wholly separate from Ridgefield Remote. Ridgefield Remote is a program run by Ridgefield Schools as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and will not continue beyond the duration of mandated safety requirements and considerations limiting in-person school.  Wisdom Ridge Academy, the new ALE program, has been in development and planning for months with the help and guidance from Mark Clements, an expert consultant who has helped launch several highly successful family-partnered remote learning programs throughout the state of Washington. Clements was also the principal of River HomeLink, a similar ALE program located in the Battle Ground Public Schools district. 



​There will be a significant commitment of time and effort for students and families because a vast majority of the learning will occur at home or off-campus. Learning expectations for this school are the same as all public school students in Washington State, but place, pace and volume can vary. The time it takes for each student to learn concepts and skills will vary because of the personalized nature of this learning model. This flexibility allows students to take as much or as little time as needed to master each concept as they progress through the year.

The K-8 program is self-paced and flexible within the parameters specified by state law. The high school program is a combination of self-paced work and scheduled lessons and activities. Both programs use mastery-based learning. Students must pass one unit or lesson to move on to the next.

Accelerated learners may move through the curriculum faster than a traditional school setting. When a student demonstrates mastery of the content and/or passes a unit or lesson assessment, they may move on. High school students have the opportunity to take more advanced courses, including Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

Students qualifying for special education services will have individualized education plans written appropriately for specialized instruction and modifications to be provided within the learning model they have selected.


Partial enrollment is allowed as long as students are participating in another instructional program or school to address the remainder of their academic needs. For example, a student may take band at View Ridge Middle School daily while also pursuing learning in other subjects through Wisdom Ridge. Another student may attend Cascadia Tech for half of each day, and complete other learning through Wisdom Ridge. Home Based Instruction students may enroll part time in our courses as well.


Requirements for state assessments are the same for all public school students. Any student enrolled more than 80% of full-time is required to take statewide assessments.  We encourage all students to participate in state assessments in order to inform families of current levels of learning and to demonstrate program effectiveness.

Will my child have the same graduation opportunities as students in traditional public schools?

Yes, students can earn a diploma by meeting all high school graduation requirements.

Yes, students can earn a diploma by meeting all high school graduation requirements of the Ridgefield School District.

What is the cost to enroll in Wisdom Ridge Academy?

Wisdom Ridge Academy is a tuition-free Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) public school program with no cost to enroll.

There is no cost to enroll at Wisdom Ridge Academy.  It is a tuition-free Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) public school funded by tax-payer dollars.

Who is eligible to enroll and what grades are offered by the Wisdom Ridge Academy?

All K-12 students residing within Ridgefield School District may enroll in WRA.  In addition,  students in kindergarten through 12th grade who are residents of Washington State are eligible to enroll.  Out-of-district student enrollment is capped at 10% of the student population at Wisdom Ridge Academy.

How do students interact socially?

Students will have opportunities to interact with other students and staff during on-campus experiences at the Wisdom Ridge Academy campus. Field trips, small group projects/activities, and voluntary participation in learning pods with other families are all additional ways where students may interact socially with others.

Can students

participate in

Ridgefield School District extracurricular


Absolutely! Students at Wisdom Ridge have full access to their resident district extracurricular activities such as sports and clubs.  For families of Ridgefield, this means you can access Ridgefield School District sports and clubs.


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Will transportation to the campus be provided for in-person experiences?

No. The variability of student schedules makes this less feasible than at traditional schools.

Are parents welcome on campus?

Yes. Parents will be an integral part of student experiences on and off campus, and will be required to take part in monthly progress reviews for K-8 students.

Will parents attend the 30 minute weekly check-in appointments with their students?

Yes. As families are an essential part of making alternative learning successful, they will be participants in these check-ins. This does not necessarily have to be a parent, and could be another involved and caring adult family member.

Will there be clubs or extracurricular activities specific to Wisdom Ridge (for friend building/ connection making) or will families have to participate through the other schools in the District?

These are possible, though specifics have not been developed yet. Certain programs, such as athletics, will likely not be possible to be specifically offered at Wisdom Ridge due to a need for ample students to create teams. We do not know how many students will be enrolling in Wisdom Ridge yet.

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